Heidi Mauracher, Partial Biography

Heidi Mauracher’s Impact on the Professional Photography Industry

Ms. Mauracher’s vast talent allowed her to create a wide variety of timeless pictorial looks and moods – from traditional to contemporary – dramatic to elegant – to satisfy her needs as an artist as well as reflecting the desires of her clients. Recently, she added Adobe Photoshop and digital skills to her repertoire and was beginning to share these new techniques with her colleagues.

Heidi strongly believed in a philosophy of sharing with fellow photographers and giving back to our industry. She lectured extensively to audiences throughout the U.S. as well as in Europe, Africa and Asia including: Bahamas, Canada, Japan, Korea, Cyprus, England, Ireland, Portugal, Scotland and Tunisia. She presented programs to PPA and affiliate associations at least 97 times from 1993 through 2002, including 6 years as a speaker for the the PPA international convention. She was a featured instructor for: the PPA International School, New England Institute of Professional Photography, Pacific Northwest School of Professional Photography, Golden Gate School of Professional Photography, and the Florida School of Professional Photography.

Her teaching style was very open, relaxed and casual and she offered seminars and workshops ranging from two hours to a weeklong in length. Heidi inspired and motivated her students to use creative ways in finding their own artistic vision – to release their hidden “Artist within your Soul.” Her passion was to emphasize elevating the profession with a commissioned art approach. Some of the many techniques she taught included: working with natural light, strong compositional design, classic and believable posing.

Ms. Mauracher also continued a personal commitment to growth of her own imagery by attending many industry events over the years to increase her personal knowledge and skills

Professional Recognition

Heidi achieved significant recognition from both U.S. and international organizations for her photography and service to the profession.

Channel Islands Professional Photographers Association

served as President – 1996 – 1998

American Society of Photographers

Fellowship of the ASP

Her 25 Fellowship print panel was featured at the Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Professional Photographers of America (PPA)

Master of Photography

Photographic Craftsman

Certified Professional Photographer

Served as a image competition juror at more than 16 PPA affiliate state and regional events

British Institute of Professional Photography

Fellowship, one of only three American women to hold this distinction

Master Photographers Association of Great Britain



Professional Photographers of America

earned a total of 353 Exhibition, Speaker, and Service merits, including 56 Exhibition merits

“merited” and/or “loaned” 4 prints 1992 through 2002

11 Loan Collection Images

earned the “Photo 50” print merit bar

American Society of Photographers

ASP Traveling Loan Collections

WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International)

Accolade of Lifetime Achievement Award

Heidi was posthumously given the Accolade of Lifetime Achievement Award at the WPPI 2004 Awards Ceremony in Las Vegas. Her friend Bill Hurter was selected to accept the award on her behalf and below is what he said in accepting the award.

“I have felt like Heidi has been here all week. I kept expecting to bump into her as I turned the next corner. And for weeks before we left L.A., I wondered when I would get the call asking, ‘Can I have a few more days for my prints?’ Heidi would have been extremely gratified to receive this award. WPPI was the high point of her year. She loved to compete and network and she especially loved making new friends from among WPPI’s newest members. Heidi was the perennial student and WPPI was like a week-long post-graduate course. Her thirst for knowledge was insatiable and her quest for excellence never waned. She will be sorely missed and forever thought of as one of the first ladies of the WPPI family. Thank you for letting me accept this award on her behalf.”

Bill says, “We sent the award on to Heidi’s sister, Mimi in Santa Barbara, who wanted to photograph it before sending it on to the Photography Hall of Fame in Oklahoma.”

Recipient of the 1994, 1997 and 2002 Grand Awards including:

  • Grand Award in the Digital Category.
  • Grand Award for the wedding album competition with a score of 100!

Photographer of the Year – 1994

Photographer of the Year – 1997

Four Eastman Kodak Gallery Awards

Master Photographers Association of Great Britain

Overseas Master Photographer of the Year

Media and Teaching

Her articles and images appeared in Studio Photography & Design magazine, Rangefinder magazine, and The Professional Photographer magazine.

Featured speaker for: PhotoVision

Featured in: Weddings, a Celebration by Beverly Clark

Featured in: Business of Wedding Photography by Ann Montieth

Editorial featured in: WPPI Album 95

Featured speaker for: Software Cinema

A Quicktime movie for: www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/customerstories.html

Professional Training (a partial listing)

West Coast School of Professional Photography

Golden Gate School of Professional Photography

New England Institute of Professional Photography

PPA International School of Photography

Awards Now Given in Honor of Heidi Mauracher


Golden Gate School/Heidi Mauracher Scholarship

A new scholarship is available that is funded from the proceeds of Heidi’s Software Cinema CD. You must be a member of the Professional Photographers of California to apply. Contact GGS for an application.

West Coast School/Heidi Mauracher Scholarship

A scholarship is available to West Coast School that is funded from the proceeds of Heidi’s Software Cinema CD. You must be a member of the Professional Photographers of California to apply. For information call, 800/439-5839.


PPC Heidi Award

The Professional Photographers of California has created a print competition award, the Heidi Award. This award is given for the top Wedding image at PPC’s annual print competition. For more information, call 800/439-5839.