GGS Testimonials

What Past Students have Commented about Golden Gate School

“Golden Gate School Rocks! I love the location, camaraderie, instructors, and selection of classes. Most importantly, as a professional photographer, any investment of my time and money must have a positive financial effect. The classes I have attended have had a direct, positive, financial impact on my business. The value of a GGS class is incredible; the classes I have attended have paid for themselves many, many times over. I now block out the week of GGS a year in advance. I wouldn’t dream of missing it.” John Vanek

“Golden Gate School has given me a firm foothold in the photography business. Not only is it affordable, but it has consistently offered stellar instructors and wonderful networking opportunities to get to know other photographers. I always look forward to that week in the year when I can step away from my business to the beautiful Mills College Campus to refocus, get inspired and learn from great photographers. I feel that both my business savvy as well as my shooting ability have improved year after year with the help of Golden Gate School.” Anna Myers

“Golden Gate School has been the most rewarding experience for me and for my business. I first attended in 2005 and immediately met some of the most amazing people. When I joined as a newcomer in the business, I was looking for support and guidance along with education. Since then, I have received far more than what I had hoped for:.mentors, colleagues and friends. I’m so grateful for all the people who continue to encourage me, support me and help me grow professionally and personally. Thank you GGS!” Jill Doherty

“Golden Gate School made such a huge difference to my photography. I took Khuner and Paulson’s Professional Photography Fundamentals. The personal attention that I got in the small class helped me get over technical and business hurdles that had been holding me back. Watching and learning from two professionals taking outdoor photos on the Mills College campus was a goldmine for me. Stuff that had seemed so hard before is now easy, and new avenues of creativity have opened up. My friends see me as the expert, rather than the novice, now.” Linda Hlady

“I’ve earned an extra $15,000 because I attended the Golden Gate School week long session in 2007. Tuition was five hundred bucks. That’s a 3,000% return on investment” Jonathan Mandel

A collection of short comments…

”I thoroughly enjoyed the friendly people and staff, the way everyone was kept busy together on campus. Bowling night was wonderful fun.” Jeri Rainer

“I enjoyed most “the step by step analysis of a successful business and how it relates to photographers.” Shelley Eisele

“I benefited from ”learning to see things differently.” Franci Lucero

“My hat is off to the GGS staff. Everyone did a terrific job.” Michele Thomas

“I enjoyed the cararaderie of the school and staff blending together. Everyone is happy here. No politics. Great Job!” Jeri Arstingstall

“GGS is a vital resource in the development of my photographic mastery.” Robert Salas

“The school is an oasis for learning.” Cathy Gannes

“This has been an incredible, mind-opening experience.” Electra Field

“I enjoyed being among other photographers in a beautiful setting.” Jack Hopkins

“I can only imagine what is going on behind the scenes to support an effort of this scale. But the results were very professional, memorable and enjoyable. I look forward to attending next year.” Richard Wallace

“Mark Allen opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing through the camera.”   Tammy Reed

“Coming to the school was the best thing I could have done this summer.” Roberto Montanez

“Thank you again for putting together such a terrific program. Everything seemed to run like clockwork which speaks to your great planning.” Margo Tanenbaum