Photographer’s Reset and Reinvent – Dublin

 A speaker luncheon with fine art, portrait photographer Paolo, on Friday, Oct. 26th in Dublin

Lunch, Learning and Power Conversations!

Hear a short program, then we’ll have an interactive discussion about the issues important to YOU!

What direction is your photography going?

Come in and find out; after all, it is your business.

Time: noon – 2 pm with a FREE LUNCH ** INCLUDED for FIRST 10 REGISTRANTS.

Meeting Location: BJ’s Restaurant, 3620 Fallon Rd. Dublin, CA


** Pre-registration fee of $20 required…the first 10 to sign up will receive lunch during the meeting (please keep your menu selections to $20 or less and PPGBA will not purchase alcoholic beverages for you) PLUS a $20 Starbucks gift card. You MUST attend the lunch to receive the gift card, we want you to BE there!

For others who wish to join in at this event, but are not among the first 10 registrants, you may attend on a space available basis and purchase your own lunch.

PPGBA Members will received opportunity to sign up first, currently offered to both members and non-members.

About the Speaker – Paolo Salcido

A fine art documentary photographer who studies the graphics in everyday things. People, places and things motivate his work whether it is light or shadows to shape the form and graphics of my images. Sometimes it’s the urban streets or countryside; where something may look ordinary, contemporary or aged, its texture and light attracts his attention.

Passion is what drives him to pick up the camera at an inconvenient moment to get the shot, somehow pressing the shutter will override his sensibilities and permissions at times. Paolo’s passion doesn’t waver with a camera in hand, so when opportunity presents itself to push the shutter, he doesn’t hesitate.

Most people will take away something when they are exposed to a Paolo image. Something in their soul or spirit will connect and be touched to look deeper into their own being that will penetrate the truth of their own essence. He wants to expose the viewer to a story that needs to be told of the human spirit and truth, where images are part of storytelling, capturing the human experience as it’s fulfilled and grows. They’re stories of humans creating, serving, living or consuming.

Paolo has traveled around the world to Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America to capture many of his photographs and has been a photographer since he was 14 years old through his school years and formal education.

Paolo has had his studio since 1980, starting as an advertising/commercial specialist, then transitioned to a fine art portrait photographer and now recently reset as a fine art photographer. He received his Photographic and Fine Arts Design Degree at De Anza College, with additional professional photography training at West Coast School of Professional Photography at USD, UCSD and Golden Gate School of Professional Photography and received his Business Marketing Certificate from San Jose State University.