Membership Categories and Dues

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Please check the appropriate areas and complete the form. Monthly meeting visitor fees may be credited towards dues if redeemed within 90 days. Please send a copy of your visitor fee receipt as documentation for your discount.

On-time renewals in the Active, Corporate, and Aspiring categories recieve a discounted rate of $99, (you will receive an invoice when your renewal comes due.)

Professional Active $125 for new membership

Available for assignments and/or presents self to the public as a working photographer – either part- or full-time; or is employed as a  professional educator. Business owners must satisfy federal, state and local requirements. Copy of California resale number must be submitted  for referral listing on PPGBA’s website and for use of the PPGBA logo.
-Specialty: Portrait, Commercial/Advertising, Wedding or other.

Aspiring $125 An individual who does not derive any income from photography but intends to enter the profession.

Corporate $125 An individual or firm that provides products and/or services to professional photographers. May access all benefits plus additional benefits specifically for Corporate members.

Additional Active Membership – $70 – employee of Active member. The dues for the additional active member must be paid by the employer (Active member).

Student $50 if qualified  An individual preparing for a career in photography and enrolled on a full-time basis in a state accredited college or university, seeking  an Associate, Bachelor’s, or higher level degree in Photography.  Must submit documentation showing full time enrollment for EACH year of student membership status – either a copy of current school schedule or copy of current student I.D. card. Student credentials and application must be submitted for review before payment.

Out of State $50  An individual residing outside California. May access all benefits except the right to vote, hold office or use the PPGBA logo.

NOTE: If you represent yourself to the public as a professional photographer (either full or part-time) and/or sell photography or photographic services, you must apply under the Active category.