Year-End Competition

2015 Year-End Competition Entry information

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The year-end competition is almost here! How do you participate? First, enter our competitions throughout the year. There’s just one more judging sessions left, in October. It’s not too late, you still have a chance to be a winner, and the feedback and advice offered by our jurors as they review and score the images are a priceless tool to help you improve your work.

REMINDER: There will be no regular judging/competition in November due to our annual trade show night. (People’s Choice competition info at our Trade Show in November will be announced soon!)

The more entries you submit, the more opportunity you have to win! (Plus, you receive extra chances in our annual drawing for a seminar scholarship for each entry you submit throughout the year). If you did not enter at all or much this year, please start planning ahead for a successful 2016 and get involved in this valuable process to refine both your style and your technique.

At our annual awards celebration early next year, several talented members will receive year-end plaques for their photography. You could be a winner, too and the awards are another great way to create “buzz” for your business and social media.

You may submit up to five entries for the year-end competition. YOU MUST FORMALLY SUBMIT YOUR 5 IMAGES TO THE COMPETITION DIRECTOR FOR THEM TO BE INCLUDED in the year-end judging. These submissions can be any image you entered since the beginning of the year that scored at least a 74. To receive awards, you must be a current PPGBA member as of December 15, 2015, so if your dues are coming due, it’s of course time to renew!

The deadline for submission will be November 24 and you will need to list which five images (titles, please and month they were scored if you can recall that) that you’d like to enter. There are to be no re-edits of any submissions; we already have each file for all of the entries. We’ll let you know soon where to send your entry list.

Here are the other details for the year-end competition: Year-end judges will be come from outside PPGBA.

If you have had five or more images scored in any category during the year, your top five scores will be totaled and the highest average score wins the Top Photographer Award for that category. You do NOT need to submit anything for the Top Photographer awards, the scores will be tabulated from the regular competition results. The Photographer of the Year Award is open to any member who submitted five or more entries (in any category) during the year, and will go to the highest average score of their top five images. The Album Maker of the Year is also calculated from top scores from the regular competitions.

If you have other questions, please contact PPGBA Competition Director Joanne Tan poemandart (at)