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Competitions are designed to provide feedback from our jurors to help our members grow as visual artists. Also, check out the Bulletin newsletter for the latest info. The link to the latest newsletter can always be found on our home page

PPA-Style Competition

12 Elements for Success

Juror Rules

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Year-End Competition Rules   (most current info is posted around October)

Monitor Calibration Test images

Portrait may be of individuals, groups, or animal(s), where the primary focus is on the subject(s) portrayed. Minor enhancements, such as use of filters, overlays, painting, etc., are ok as long as they don’t fundamentally alter the image’s focus on the person, group or animal.

Events  An ‘event’ could be a wedding, Quinceañera, a bar/bat mitzvah, an anniversary, a corporate event, a special celebratory event, etc.

Commercial images are associated with advertising or industrial illustration (such as seen in annual reports). Besides judging on the 12 elements of a merit image as in other categories, judges will also heavily consider how well the image would work with layout and typography in the selling of a product or idea.

Illustrative is a catchall category for everything that is NOT Portrait, Wedding/Event or Commercial. The image may contain people or animals where the subject is not the primary focus of the image, such as sports photography or animals in the natural world. Landscapes, nature, macro, fine art, or where the emphasis is on digital manipulation or special effects would also fall in the illustrative category.

What does image competition mean to PPGBA’s members? Check out these two videos below:

Video – Joe Ercoli – January 2012 Print of the Month Winner

Video – Randy Wong – April 2012 Print of the Month Winner

Album Competition Rules

* The album must be from a single event.

* For albums containing images by more than one photographer, at least 75% of the images must be created by the entrant.

* The entrant’s name may not appear on the album (cover with opaque tape).

End of Year 2013 Competition judging