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Elevate your work and shake up your career! Stimulate your creative talents, enhance your technical abilities, expand your artistic vision, and increase your profitability. Take the challenge and immerse yourself in a group who loves photography as much as you do.

Founded in 1984, GGS’s commitment has been to teach students practical, real-world skills that can be used to build a satisfying and prosperous career in professional photography. Each year, nationally and internationally-acclaimed working professionals celebrate the craft of photography by sharing the knowledge, experience, and strategies that have made them successful. Over the years, our talented instructors have included Don Blair, Barbara Bordnick, Michele Celentano, Douglas Kirkland, Robert Farber, Hanson Fong, Calvin Hayes, Bruce Hudson, Tim Kelly, Paul Markow, Heidi Mauracher, Ann Monteith, Jack Reznicki, Matthew Jordan Smith, James B. Wood, Jane Conner-ziser, and Monte Zucker.

GGS was founded by the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area, Inc. (PPGBA), to deliver affordable, quality training to established as well as aspiring professional photographers. GGS offers a selection of courses covering varied photography topics. Hands-on participation is emphasized, as students learn new techniques best by doing them. Attendees are inspired not only by class lessons, but also by exchanging ideas and information with their fellow participants.

GGS does not discriminate, and is committed to equal opportunity regardless of age, marital status, gender, disability, sex, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or any other factors.

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Information about our Campus Facilities

As GGS does not own a facility, we rent meeting and dormitory space as needed for our workshops.

Scholarship Information

GGS works hard to offer courses that are affordable for everyone, occasionally there are a few scholarships available that may provide additional assistance. Scholarships have specific applicant requirements and deadlines.

Golden Gate School Trustees

The GGS Trustees, a committee of the PPGBA, are working photographers who volunteer their time and talents to help provide this educational opportunity to their colleagues.


Zee Bezabeh, M.Photog.Cr.


Paul Salcido

Jeanne dePolo, CPP

Nano Visser

Leland Wong

Privacy Statement Golden Gate School does not share site visitor information with any other organization or company. Official GGS sponsors do receive a listing of enrolled students at the conclusion of the school. Golden Gate School does not sell its mailing list to any other organization or company.


Golden Gate School does not have an official office location. To keep our tuition prices as low as possible we rely on the studios of our volunteer staff for the operation of the school and we rent meeting facilities as needed for classes and workshops.

Please be patient for responses to your inquiries as we do not have a full time staff. For more information, please contact goldengateschool (at) yahoo.com (no attachments please)